Oregon Walk the Land Day
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Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts

The Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts (or COLT) is the only association of land trusts in Oregon, where we serve as a statewide service center and the central voice of the land trust community. In serving the 19 members of our coalition, COLT focuses on improving and advancing land conservation in the state through increased land trust capacity and coverage, engagement of stakeholders, defending and developing new and larger sources of funding, and supportive policies. COLT represents the land trust community and provides leadership on important initiatives in public policy advocacy, policy implementation decisions, and outreach to public and private stakeholders.


The preservation of open spaces, scenic vistas, working landscapes and natural areas is valued by the people and communities of Oregon, and is vital to the long-term health and well-being of our native plants and animals. The unique approach of private, voluntary conservation of these special places is central in the collaborative, long-term effort to achieve community-centric livability across the state.

Some of COLT’s core values and services include:

  • Cooperative partnerships with private landowners, public agencies and community leaders to achieve land trust goals.
  • A land trust community that reflects the diversity of Oregon.
  • Access to high-quality reliable land trust services by every community in Oregon.
  • Transparencyintegrity and accountability in land trust operations.
  • The provision of high-quality services to its member organizations.
  • Strengthening the land trust community in Oregon through capacity-building, policy, and active development and communication of the land trust story.

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